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Jan 31, 2023

How to Turn Customers into Brand Believers

Passionate fans are your pipeline for future loyal customers. Let your customers sell for you.

A happy woman dancing while holding multiple shopping bags in her hands

Exactly like falling in love, it is only when people identify with a product and perceive it as unique does the brand come alive for them.

Companies have relied primarily on the performance of their products to satisfy and retain customers. However, the growing competition and the huge range of products available have led even satisfied customers to buy from competing brands if it’s cheaper or more convenient for them.

With clever content marketing, companies can counteract this trend and turn customers into loyal fans.

1. Emotional Solidarity As Key to Trust and Brand Loyalty

Nowadays, companies can rarely set themselves apart from their competitors by improving their performance. Therefore, content marketing that focuses on the emotional attachment of the customer to the product, the brand, or the company is essential to drive growth. 

Through persistent marketing around an idea - whether it’s the brand’s focus on sustainability or simply its dedication to solving the problems of the youth - the satisfied customer identifies with the brand’s unique voice and, eventually, becomes a fan who is committed to the brand and also makes this solidarity known to the world. 

2. It’s Not About the Product; It’s About the Customer

Far too seldom people ask what the customer actually thinks and feels when they look at the company’s marketing content. 

If you want to make your customers fans and your brand more accessible, you should ask the following questions and incorporate the answers into your content strategy: 

  • Who’s my customer?
  • How did the customer become one?
  • Where does the customer come from?
  • What's important to the customer?
  • What can we learn from the customer?
  • What else is the customer up to?

3. Virality Through Shareable Content

Content has added value when it not only focuses on the customer, but also enables them to interact beyond that. The content should give the company the opportunity to talk to people about their dreams, wishes and needs. Because only if the customer can make a personal contribution, the brand becomes tangible for him and a long-term relationship develops. 

4. Build a Community Like a Tribe

More and more companies are realizing that it is worth their time and money to provide a platform for exchange as well as moderating the community. These are sustainable investments that bind customers for the long term.

This simultaneously creates a direct line to the consumer. Also, there’s constant feedback on marketing and products and, thus, recommendations are made naturally.

5. Connect the Dots Through Powerful Storytelling

The easiest way for people to interact with content is to tell them an understandable story that reminds them of their own lives and challenges. 

Almost all big marketing campaigns follow this pattern. The characteristics of such a story are perfectly suited to showcase complicated content in a simple way and to activate, emotionalize, inspire, and bind the recipients.