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About Supercraft

Supercraft's vision is to create a virtual space for every Business and Influencer to connect and collaborate privately with their believers and fans.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create systems through which organizations and individuals achieve collective progress in collaboration with their biggest advocates and believers.

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Our Thesis

We believe that future businesses will increasingly act like Creators, and build tight communities around their Brand. The following three tenets highlight why we built Supercraft.

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Virtual Proximity

Brands will increasingly engage with Customers in virtual rather than physical spaces, starting interaction before sale and continue after.

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Digital Experiences

Brands will increasingly use Digital Experiences to keep Customers engaged, and remain deeply connected with them.

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Membership Clubs

Loyalty Clubs of the past will increasingly turn into Premium Private Membership Clubs, with bundled Experiences and Community-like feel.

Start using the Loyalty platform of the future, today.

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