Make an Impact from your Knowledge

Monetize your expertise through Books, Workshops or CBCs. Pre-launch and fundraise for upcoming works. Keep your exclusive community of believers engaged through courses and events.

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Why Supercraft?

Supercraft blends multiple paradigms into one seamless platform, ensuring that your fans don't have to jump through hoops.

Digital content consumption assets - a video player, podcast mic and more
Launch Premium Books and Workshops.
Illustrations and 2d assets of merchandise & products
Sell Merchandise and Products
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Engage in Private Idea-Focussed Clubs

Turn your hard-earned Knowledge into Monetizable Assets.

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Launch Premium Digital Content Offerings

Integrate ebooks, pdfs, video, audio, masterclasses and CBCs to drive higher revenue from your thought leadership content.

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Combine Digital Content with Physical Books and Merch

Create a Digital Book. Publish and sell physical printed books along with. Offer interesting merchandise to your fans.

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Organize Events, Pre-Launch and Announce Your Work

Schedule and announce launch events to your followers. Pre-launch your future work and garner interest.

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Easily Organize Your Followers and Communicate With Them

Our fan management tools can be easily integrated with your existing website, enabling you to streamline memberships and communication.

Establish Proximity in the Virtual World

Virtual assets are key to creating deeper connections with your
customers. Hold special ‘fans only’ experiences that give them
unique access to products.

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Simple Social Sharing

Give simple tools to your customers to show off their new purchases on social media, while voting on new products you want to fund.

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Transformative Fandom

Transformative fandom is directed by fans. It turns passive customers into passionate advocates.

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Start on the Commerce Platform of the Future, Today.