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The Fan-Supported Publishing Platform

Supercraft enables independent writers, leaders, mentors and entrepreneurs to publish books and masterclasses, launch an online presence, publish directly to their audience, and get supported by their community.

A mobile product mockup screenshot of the supercraft platform

The Decentralized and Democratized Future of Publishing

Publish Books, Launch Masterclasses, Conduct Workshops and Courses.

With Supercraft, you no longer have to juggle through multiple platforms. As a Writer or Creator, you can blend a range of offerings seamlessly. You can publish your book, conduct masterclasses or build a community around your creative work, all in one single platform.

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Supercraft Flagship platform product mockups & screenshots
Supercraft Flagship platform product mockups & screenshots

Establish Virtual Proximity with your Audience and Readers

Build an exclusive club of your believers, and stay in touch with them. Announce future works, garner their help in marketing, stay connected with your avid fans daily.

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Let us handle everything else, from publishing, to payments and admin

Our platform handles payment gateway integration, invoicing, email newsletters, and an easy way to organize your revenues. We integrate seamlessly with Stripe and Razorpay, and allow your audience to pay in USD, INR, GBP, EURO and numerous other currencies.

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Supercraft Flagship platform product mockups & screenshots

Get Published with Supercraft

Supercraft gives you access to the best of the publishing ecosystem and helps you bring stellar books to market.

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Publish ebooks and printed books through in our Partnered Publishing program

We simplify the process of publishing for first-time creators, and help great content ideas come to life. 

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Love from our Partnering Creatorpreneurs

What people are building on our platform

Looking forward to providing passes for our community of street-art lovers through Supercraft. We will give passes for events with artists and founders where we discuss design and art. We are also publishing limited-edition designs which only community insiders can access.

SN Mentoring

Saurabh Nanda

With the Supercraft launch, I’m bundling my book Switch with an exclusive talk on sales and business transformation for strategic advantage. Switch guides you in your professional set-up through the lives of characters that you can identify with. Added to this bundle are fun cartoon strips that play different business scenarios out.


Business Coach & Author

Srinivas Uppaluri

With Supercraft, I’m entering the digital space through my physical art forms - fine art and photography - to leave an authentic digital footprint. I find the idea of a community with exclusive access to an artist’s life intriguing.

Arijit Chakraborty Portrait Face Headshot

Artist and Photographer

Arijit Chakraborty

I now have the option to sell my prints in collections that include the whole picture narrative thanks to Supercraft. I also plan to take a few courses related to my industry and build an interactive community for whom Frameshot will host exclusive studio sessions, workshops and photowalks.

Frameshot company brand logo

Frameshot Photo Studio

Nishant Jha

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions.

Can I publish both E-books and Print books with supercraft?

Yes, Supercraft has a Partnered Publishing program and an Accelerator to fund books. Please visit our Publishing tab to know more.

Can I connect my Payment Gateway to Supercraft?

Supercraft currently supports integration with Stripe Connected Accounts (International), and Razorpay Partner Program (India) to enable you to have full control of your payments and settlements.

What sort of Digital Experiences can I offer through Supercraft?

Supercraft offers mixed-media digital experiences that include Video, Audio, Serialized Content, Newsletter, EPub and PDF. Supercraft also integrates with Zoom, enabling you to provide a gated webinar or online event experience to your community. We will be rolling out integrations with a wider set of experience platforms in the near future.

How is Supercraft different from other publishing platforms?

Supercraft is one-of-its-kind platform built to make it simple for writers and thought leaders to integrate online and offline publishing. We give you tech tools as well as printing support so you can curate and monetise all your content under a single umbrella.

Establish Proximity in the Virtual World

Virtual assets are key to creating deeper connections with your
customers. Hold special ‘fans only’ experiences that give them
unique access to products.

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Simple Social Sharing

Give simple tools to your customers to show off their new purchases on social media, while voting on new products you want to fund.

Advanced Deal Tracking - Promoplus X Webflow Template

Transformative Fandom

Transformative fandom is directed by fans. It turns passive customers into passionate advocates.

Supercraft Flagship platform product mockups & screenshots

Unlock Your Creative Potential.

A mobile product mockup screenshot of the supercraft platform