Turn your Customers into Fans and Brand Believers

Passionate fans are the most powerful marketing force in the world. Use the power of AI and decentralization to turn your customers into brand advocates.

Build a Tribe through Data-Driven Insights and Powerful Storytelling

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Create Private Membership Clubs

Grow your community through a mix of AI-driven insights and powerful storytelling. Share exciting news, exclusive sneak-peeks and one-time-only discounts with your fans first.

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Build Gamified Loyalty Card Programs

Make loyalty point redemption simple; enhance loyalty programs with special features, challenges, bonuses and games to increase earning.

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Integrate Virtual Experiences with Product Launches

Integrate e-magazines, behind-the-scenes videos, ticketed online events and much more with new product launches.

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Integrate with your CRM and PoS Workflow

Our fan management tools can be easily integrated with your existing e-commerce website.

Establish Proximity in theVirtual World

Virtual assets are key to creating deeper connections with your
customers. Hold special ‘fans only’ experiences that give them
unique access to products.

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Simple Social Sharing

Give simple tools to your customers to show off their new purchases on social media, while voting on new products you want to fund.

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Transformative Fandom

Transformative fandom is directed by fans. It turns passive customers into passionate advocates.

Get a Branded Loyalty Club App

Engage your customers like never before with your very own branded loyalty club app. Improve product adoption and trust; enhance customer retention through personalized experiences, better two-way communications, instant notifications and improved referral rates.

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Build Your Tribe Using the Loyalty Platform of the Future, Today.

For Visionary Businesses Loved By Fans

Our customisable platform helps you build deeper connections with your customers, turning them into fans and brand believers. Our Starter, Pro and Enterprise Plans are built for small, medium and large-sized businesses respectively.

For Solopreneurs

Our Starter Plan is free. Sell products along with digital content and build your own trusted circle of fans and patrons. Give early bird updates on works-in-progress, events, exhibitions and more. Our add-on services can help you create stellar products and market to your community.

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For D2C Businesses

With our Pro Plan, we help you launch timed, limited supply collections to drive customer engagement and growth. Speak to us to learn more about how to craft compelling virtual experiences to retain existing customers. Use our AI-driven tools for gamified loyalty programs and for managing customer communities.

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For Enterprises

Our Enterprise Plan is crafted for scale. Get your own customised app to deliver phenomenal community experiences. Leverage the collective voice of your customers to champion your brand. This plan is ideal for large businesses with customer bases across multiple verticals.

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Get the AI-Driven Cutting-Edge Customer Experience Platform of the Future.