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Supercraft Writer's Academy

We help writers create books worth reading. The Supercraft Writers’ Academy may be the right place for you if:

  • You have a story to tell and think voices like yours need to be heard
  • You’ve been writing for years and feel this is the moment you want to get published
  • You know there’s an audience for your words but don’t know what the next step might be.
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Learn from Leading Writers and Editors

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Courses to Make You Industry Ready

Supercraft Writers’ Academy offers 8 courses: Fundamentals of Publishing, Turning an Idea into a Book Proposal, The Craft of Writing Fiction, Non-fiction Book Writing Sprint, Book Design, Editing, Author Branding, and Writing with AI.

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Participate in Community-Led Learning

When you access a course, you also access the community of fellow students participating in that course. You’ll be awarded a certificate at the end of the course.

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All Courses are Live Online and Interactive

The courses will be run remotely, with weekly live-streamed tutorials and access to other course materials. This enables you to participate in your own time, and yet do steady progress.

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Learn about AI Writing Tools and enhance your Productivity

Learn about advanced AI tools that will simplify boring research and shorten the time required for repetitive tasks so you can focus solely on your creativity.