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Sep 26, 2023

How to Add an Audiobook to Your eBook on Supercraft

Here's a quick process for adding an audiobook to your eBook

Step#1 Login to Supercraft

Supercraft helps authors, thought leaders, mentors, and business owners to release books and masterclasses, establish a digital footprint, directly engage with their audience, and receive backing from their community.

Click on the Homepage to login

Fill in the details to login. You can also follow our detailed guide on ‘How to Create your own Landing Page and Creator Profile on Supercraft’.

Step 2# Landing Page

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be on the landing page.

You will see on the left hand side the icon titled ‘Products’. Click on Launch Product and you can select various options to begin.

Step 3# Start with the option ‘Book’

Step 4# Create a Product

You would need to upload a picture/ image as the cover image for the book. With image resolution as 1080 X 1080.

You can further Name the Product – or the book name.

Add a summary of the book in 2-3 lines.

Step 4# Click on Details (Rich text allowed) 

You can write a detailed description in the box and write out Product Feature 1, Product Feature 2 and Product Feature 3.

You also have the option to add Price of the book in the next tab:

Price can be entered along with Start Date, End Date.

Further, you can add Book Content by uploading image, book title, and book summary.

Now you can click on Published.

Click on Add-on 

You can select Audio to your book and update details. Content Thumnail image, Content Name, Summary and choose an audio file.

Lastly, click on Publish Content.


In summary, audiobooks play a vital role in making literature more accessible and engaging for diverse audiences. 

They cater to different learning styles, lifestyles, and needs, contributing to the overall democratization of knowledge and literature. 

Supercraft is the perfect platform to add Audio to your eBook, so try out your version today!