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Jun 13, 2023

40 Famous Writers from India and Around the World Who Self-Published Their First Book

Here’s a list of bestselling authors who decided to self-publish their first book.

Supercraft_Top 40 Self Published Authors from Around the World

If you think self-publishing is not cool, you are mistaken. Some of the most popular writers from India and around the world self-published their first book when no traditional publisher believed in them.

Here are the top authors of Indian origin:

  1. Rupi Kaur: A Canadian poet, Kaur self-published her debut collection, 'Milk and Honey,' which became a global sensation, selling millions of copies and earning a spot on bestseller lists.
  2. Amish Tripathi: Tripathi is an Indian author who gained immense popularity with his self-published debut novel 'The Immortals of Meluha,' the first book in the 'Shiva Trilogy,' which became a bestseller and led to traditional publishing deals.
  3. Ashwin Sanghi: Sanghi is an Indian author known for his historical fiction and conspiracy thriller novels, including 'The Rozabal Line' and 'Chanakya's Chant.' His self-published works gained popularity and established him as a bestselling author in India.
  4. Savi Sharma: Self-published her debut novel 'Everyone Has a Story' (2016), which became a bestseller and paved the way for her subsequent traditionally published books.
  5. Rashmi Bansal: Self-published her first book 'Stay Hungry Stay Foolish' (2008), which featured the stories of 25 entrepreneurs. It gained attention and was later traditionally published.
  6. Kiran Manral - Self-published her first novel 'The Reluctant Detective' (2011), a mystery thriller, which gained a dedicated readership and led to traditional publishing opportunities.
  7. Durjoy Datta: Self-published his first novel 'Of Course I Love You! Till I Find Someone Better' (2008), a romance novel that became a bestseller and established his writing career.

Now we list three successful Hindi writers who self-published their first book:

  1. Surender Mohan Pathak: Pathak is a renowned Hindi author known for his crime fiction novels. He self-published his first book, ‘Kasaara’ (The Rustler), which introduced his popular detective character, Sunil.
  2. Divya Prakash Dubey: Dubey self-published his first book, ‘Terms and Conditions Apply,’ a collection of Hindi poems that gained a dedicated readership. He has since published several successful books, including novels and poetry collections.
  3. Neelabh Pratap Singh: Singh self-published his debut novel, ‘Jiwan Ki Khoj Mein’ (‘In Search of Life’), which explores existential themes and received positive reviews. The book garnered attention and established Singh as a promising Hindi writer.

Here’s a list of popular American and British authors whose first work was self published.

  1. Andy Weir: Weir initially self-published 'The Martian' as a serialized novel on his blog, attracting a devoted following and eventually securing a traditional publishing deal. The book was later adapted into a popular film.
  2. E.L. James: James gained worldwide fame with her 'Fifty Shades of Grey' series, which began as a self-published e-book and subsequently became a global phenomenon.
  3. Hugh Howey: Howey's science fiction series 'Wool' achieved tremendous success as a self-published work, gaining a large fanbase and catching the attention of traditional publishers.
  4. Amanda Hocking: Hocking self-published numerous young adult paranormal novels, such as the 'Trylle Trilogy,' and became one of the early self-publishing success stories, selling millions of copies.
  5. Rachel Abbott: Abbott self-published her first psychological thriller, 'Only the Innocent,' which became a bestseller in the UK and paved the way for her subsequent successful novels.
  6. Chris Fox: Fox is a successful self-published author known for his science fiction and fantasy books, including the 'Magitech Chronicles' series, which have garnered a strong following.
  7. Jasinda Wilder: Wilder gained popularity as a self-published romance author, particularly with her book 'Falling into You,' which reached the New York Times bestseller list.
  8. Bella Andre: Andre self-published her contemporary romance novels and achieved considerable success, including multiple appearances on bestseller lists and a large following.
  9. Colleen Hoover: Hoover self-published her debut novel, 'Slammed,' which garnered significant attention and propelled her to become a bestselling author in the romance and young adult genres.
  10. Jasinda and Jack Wilder (writing as Jack Wilder): This husband-and-wife team achieved success with their self-published erotic romance novels, including the 'Alpha' series, which gained a wide readership.
  11. H.M. Ward: Ward self-published several romance series, such as the 'Arrangement' series, which captivated readers and propelled her to bestselling author status.
  12. Blake Pierce: Pierce is a bestselling author known for his crime thrillers, including the 'Riley Paige Mystery' series, which he self-published and gained a dedicated following.
  13. Victorine E. Lieske: Lieske is a bestselling author of romance novels, and her self-published works, such as 'Not What She Seems,' have reached wide audiences and achieved success.
  14. Shannon Mayer: Mayer self-published her urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels, such as the 'Rylee Adamson' series, and achieved significant success, becoming a bestselling author.
  15. Joe Abercrombie: Abercrombie is a British author known for his epic fantasy novels, including the 'First Law' series. He initially self-published 'The Blade Itself,' which gained a devoted following and paved the way for his successful writing career.

Now let’s take a look at French authors who self-published successfully:

  1. Anna Gavalda: Gavalda self-published her collection of short stories, ‘Je Voudrais que Quelqu'un M'attende Quelque Part’ (‘I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere’), which became a huge success in France.
  2. Aurélie Valognes: Valognes gained recognition as a bestselling author in France with her self-published debut novel, ‘En Voiture, Simone!’ (‘On the Road, Simone!’), a heartwarming comedy.

What about Chinese authors?

  1. Mò Yán: Mò Yán: A Chinese Nobel laureate, he self-published his first novel, ‘Tóu Shǔ Guī’ (‘Turtledove’), which gained attention and marked the beginning of his successful literary career.
  2. Jīn Yōng (Louis Cha): Jīn Yōng, known by his pen name Louis Cha, self-published his debut wuxia novel, ‘The Book and the Sword’, which became a bestselling martial arts classic in China.

Japanese authors have been equally successful:

  1. Higashino Keigo: Higashino self-published his first detective novel, ‘Himitsu’ (‘The Secret’), which gained popularity and launched his career as one of Japan's bestselling crime fiction authors.
  2. Kanae Minato: Minato achieved success with her self-published debut novel, ‘Confessions’, a psychological thriller that became a bestseller in Japan and was adapted into a film.

Now we shall list some German authors:

  1. Kerstin Gier: Gier self-published her novel, ‘Rubinrot' ('Ruby Red'), the first book in the 'Precious Stone Trilogy,' which gained a substantial following and led to traditional publishing deals.
  2. Oliver Pötzsch: Pötzsch self-published his historical fiction novel, 'Die Henkerstochter' ('The Hangman's Daughter'), which became a bestseller in Germany and launched his successful series.

Finally, here are some best-selling Spanish authors who self-published their first books:

  1. Javier Moro: Moro self-published his debut novel, 'El Sari Rojo' ('The Red Sari'), based on the life of Sonia Gandhi. The book gained immense popularity and became a bestseller in Spain.
  2. Elísabet Benavent: Benavent achieved remarkable success with her self-published novel, 'En Los Zapatos de Valeria' ('In Valeria's Shoes'), the first book in the 'Valeria' series. Her romantic comedies have gained a large readership and topped bestseller lists.
  3. Carlos Luria: Luria self-published his historical novel, 'La Profecía de Al-Ándalus' ('The Prophecy of Al-Andalus'), which became a sensation in Spain and propelled him to bestselling author status.
  4. Blanca Miosi: Miosi self-published her thriller novel, 'Eva y Su ángel' ('Eva and Her Angel'), which gained significant attention and led to her becoming a bestselling author in Spain and Latin America.
  5. Megan Maxwell: Maxwell self-published her romance novel, 'Te lo Dije' ('I Told You'), which garnered a large following and launched her career as a bestselling author of romantic fiction.
  6. Carlos Ruiz Zafón: Zafón, a Spanish author, self-published his debut novel 'The Shadow of the Wind' ('La Sombra Del Viento'), which became a phenomenal success, selling millions of copies worldwide and launching his literary career.
  7. Javier Sierra: Sierra, a Spanish author, achieved international success with his self-published novel 'The Secret Supper' ('La Cena Secreta'), which became a bestseller and was translated into multiple languages.

We hope you are now convinced that self-publishing is one of the best options for serious writers out there! At Supercraft we are simplifying the self-publishing process by offering writers new tools for marketing and production. Write to us at to know more.