Welcome to Supercraft

We are on a mission to empower brands and creators through experiential NFTs. We are using blockchain technology to link physical products with the digital world and provide better data privacy, authenticity, as well as consumer engagement.

Our Vision

We believe NFTs can turn every creator into a brand and every brand into a creator.

We offer best-in-class Web 3 solutions for influencer-creators and brands to launch limited edition digital collections of physical products and build closer relationships with their customers. We help to build a community of digital asset holders, and activate loyalty programs through CRM integration.

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The Mission Behind Supercraft

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1. Using Blockchain Tech to Increase Sales

Creators and brands can use our tools to create a loyal customer community, which leads to better brand recall and more sales.

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2. Using Tokens As Proof of Possession of Product

Tokens can reconcile virtual assets with real-world products or experiences while ensuring that these assets verifiably belong to a fan / customer, attesting to their ownership and authenticity.

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3. Enabling CRM Through NFTs

NFTs are used to reward customers for their engagement as well as is a medium of exchange — powering a new mini economy.