Pitambar Jha Face Headshot - For Profile Picture
Pitambar Jha
Co-Founder / CTO

Pitambar heads tech. Previously, he was the Head of Technology at Spark.Live and has also built tech stacks at Alibaba & Pillofy.


Pitambar Jha is Head of Technology at Spark.Live. He has a track record of solving pertinent engineering problems of massive scale in areas such as Fintech, Telephony, Video Delivery, IAAS, Artificial Intelligence and System Design.

Pitambar has been spear heading tech at Spark.Live since its inception. Apart from being the principal architect of the platform one of the key roles he has played is building a nimble and agile team of engineers who are behind the tech IP of Spark.Live.

His rich experience having worked in diverse verticals of the tech industry have allowed him to create cost effective enterprise grade solutions ranging from interactive live streaming, large scale payment solutions to ML based Ranking and Recommendation algorithms, all of which have created immense business value at Spark.Live.

Pitambar has worked with some of the biggest players in the industry including Alibaba Cloud, E2E networks, Knowlarity and Swadhaar Finserve.

He was also the Co-Founder and CTO of Pillofy which was India’s first online chronic medicine pharmacy. 

He has been part of the infra operations that went into launching Alibaba cloud’s data centers across India. He also led the system design that powers the IAAS of E2E Networks.

In addition to large infra setups he also handled scaling challenges in Knowlarity pertaining to the telephony core that powers their flagship products.

He was behind the digital transformation efforts done around the fintech offerings of Swadhaar Finserve for the next 100 million Indians who were coming online.

His startup Pillofy was first of its kind online service that catered exclusively to the chronic medicine segment.

A firm believer in building impactful tech that not only creates business value but also has a social impact on the community.

Pitambar along with his team is building Spark.Live’s platform which is creating and empowering micro-entrepreneurs from the hinterlands of India.