Jan 31, 2023

5 Creative Ways Fashion Brands Can Engage Their Fans

Fashion brands have the largest fan base. Learn how you can now turn fans into loyal customers.

A black woman wearing a red dress and holding a red luxury bag - stock image

If you are a fashion brand, this blog is for you.

Let’s speak about 5 cool new ways you as a fashion retailer can drive customer retention and sales.

1. Exclusive Collection Drops within Gated Communities

One smart idea is launching digital twins. Digital twins are created when a digital replica of a physical product is made. They can be used to create virtual models of products that can be used for marketing and advertising purposes.

The digital twin gives brands an opportunity to create exclusive collections that are only available to members of their closed community. It can also be used to launch exclusive releases of clothes, footwear, accessories or gadgets. This can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and retain their exclusivity while getting an edge over other brands on social media platforms. 

Fashion brands can create innovative product launch experiences with a platform like Supercraft, to deliver exclusive content, experiences and services that only community members can access.

2. New-Age Loyalty Programs

A brand's loyalty and membership programmes are altered by tribe-like behaviour in communities of customers. 

Other than just redeeming coins, loyalty cards can unlock advantages such as free exclusive goods, reward programmes, airdrops, and even holder-exclusive stores. The exclusive activities and product guarantees motivates community members to continue participating over time.

3. Limited Time Merchandise Drops

Exclusive or limited-edition products that can only be purchased during specific time periods or events creates scarcity and mystery around a product launch. 

Use your unique brand story to time new launches cleverly and drive maximum revenue.

4. Creating New Experiences

Companies like IKEA are staying ahead of the curve with their marketing hacks. IKEA Place is an app that enables users to insert digital furnishings into their physical surroundings. IKEA Place, from the perspective of the user, provides a lot of the experience of touring an IKEA showroom (without the hassle of physical transportation). 

German sportswear brand Puma recently launched its Metaverse website experience Black Station to celebrate its return to the runway, placing it back in the running as one of the major sportswear leaders alongside competitors like Adidas and Nike.

5. Virtual Stores with Avatars

Virtual fashion stores are online environments where shoppers can try on clothes using avatars. These stores use cutting-edge technology to provide a realistic shopping experience that is similar to trying on clothes in a physical store.

Virtual Fashion Stores have many advantages over traditional online stores. For one, they allow shoppers to see how clothes look on their body type before they make a purchase. This helps to prevent unwanted returns and saves shoppers time and money. Additionally, these stores can be used to try on clothes from multiple brands in one place, which is convenient for shoppers who want to compare styles and prices.

The possibilities are endless - it is up to you as a fashion brand to innovate and arrive at a cool new marketing campaign that will make heads turn.